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About Us

We here at Dalton Driving Academy have seen way too many instances of new inexperienced drivers making poor decisions that cost them serious consequences, whether it be losing their life, hurting a friend, or loved one, or simply damaging the car that they worked so hard at being able to drive. That is why we founded Dalton driving Academy, so that we can teach and train you or your child the best driving skills that we can. Taking drivers Ed is not just about being able to pass the driver's license. It is about preparing the new driver for any situation that comes their way. This could be getting on and off the highway, going through rotary's, four-way intersections, or knowing how to deal with another disgruntled driver.Through the professional knowledge of our instructors, students develop a solid foundation of driving skills. Our school offers both driver's education courses for teenagers and driver training for adults, also referred to as behind-the-wheel instruction.

Dalton Driving Academy

Mission and Vision

Dalton Driving Academy uses years of experience and innovation to educate students and families in order to save lives and reduce injuries through organized curriculum and professional instruction. Our mission is to provide each student with the necessary information and techniques to be a SAFE RESPONSIBLE DRIVER. To provide a learning friendly environment that meets the needs of each student's learning style. To recognize and understand each student's strengths and weaknesses. To provide each student with the proper training so they can not only obtain a Massachusetts driver's license, but also be SAFE RESPONSIBLE DRIVERS no matter what challenges come along.

Dalton Driving Academy

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